Design and marketing services go hand in hand or spoon in bowl, like strawberries and cream.

Since its inception in 2000, Marque Media has been providing the essential ingredients for creating and producing effective and innovative marketing collateral, that brings results.

Corporate I.D./Branding

This is probably the single most important element in determining how an organisation interacts with the market and influences customers' brand perception. How many nano-seconds before you recognised this iconic and aspirational brand? Using our skills and experience we will craft an instantly recognisable corporate identity and brand that appropriately represents the values of your enterprise.

Graphic Design/Advertising

Unfortunately a great logo alone will not guarantee results. At some stage your customers will need to be alerted to the existence of your wonderful products or services...and the benefits they bring to the user. This is where advertising and graphic design come into the equation. We use the experience gained from helping companies, large and small, to meaningfully engage with prospective customers via a host of platforms.

Print & Print Management

We'd love to report we have the one million pounds required to buy a second-hand Heidleberg six-colour, B1 lithographic press. We'd also like to tell you we have the 100 metre run in which to house it...but sadly, we don't. However we know someone who does. Litho print, digital, PDF-to-print or large format, we have built up a roster of trusted suppliers and are happy to select the most cost-efficient and manage the project on your behalf.

Website Design

We will work with you to create a new website or update an existing one to best represent your company's image and at the same time satisfy your business needs. We can create static websites, e-commerce sites, ones that will work on tablets/smartphones or that incorporate content management systems.

Direct Mail Campaigns

A few years ago we'd be writing about communications delivered by Royal Mail. Whilst this is still a viable and very measurable way to communicate with potential customers we are of course, also experienced in harnessing the power, immediacy and cost benefits of using direct e-mail. We are happy to advise on your most effective route.

Photography & Videography

People are visual. Everyone responds to images on one level or another. Whilst well-chosen words are priceless, we wholeheartedly subscribe to the adage that a picture speaks a thousand words. This is why we collaborate with the very best photographers and video producers to create imagery for you to inspire and entice your customers.


Some of our most rewarding work.

However professional and impartial we strive to be, we can't but fail to have projects that we secretly deem to be our favourites. This may be because the client and their personnel are particularly engaging and enthusiastic, because the work is challenging and enjoyable or simply because our creation "hits the spot" and exceeds our, and most importantly, the client's expectations. Either way, we trust you won't betray our confidence in sharing some of our most cherished and interesting projects.

About Us

Something of our ethos.

We are proud to have provided creative services on behalf of a number of Blue Chip organisations such as BT, Vodafone and Yell. However, the majority of our clients are categorised as being small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), for which we make no apology. Indeed it is a pleasure to arrange an appointment in one quick and informal telephone call, direct with a company director, rather than having the call routed via the P.A. to the P.A.

Our Work Process.


We use many tools throughout the process including powerful computers and specialist software. However the most used tools are our ears. At the very outset we listen carefully to you to ensure we fully understand the brief and what you seek to achieve.


Having established what you wish to achieve, we arrive at the difficult part: the gestation period between turning the "problem child" into your "rising star". Exploring ways to match our creative ideas with the needs and aspirations of your ultimate target audience.


Following the presentation of our initial mock-ups, we use the skills born out of many years first hand experience to develop, refine and polish your selected concept/s. As ever, our ultimate aim is to transform your "rising star" into a "cash cow".


We believe successful marketing is doing the right thing and doing things right. Whether it is one particular function or complete project management, you stay in control with Marque Media. You choose, we deliver...on time.



What our clients say.

Dr. Peter ClarkePublisher, Librapharm Ltd

"The world of medical publishing is not the easiest for anyone new to it to get a handle on. It's a serious business dealing with serious subjects, written and read about by highly qualified people. It is important that we convey empathy with these issues in our marketing activities. Marque Media have consistently demonstrated understanding of this in everything they have produced for us whilst at the same time generating very tangible results. A worldwide direct mail campaign has increased our industry impact rating by 60% in the past 18 months. This rating factor is extremely important to anyone in this business and the percentage increase we have achieved as a result of our association with Marque Media is outstanding by any measure".

Caroline SharmaCEO, Imemer Ltd

"The software market is a highly competitive arena in which to operate and it is essential that our image is kept pacey, focused and to the point and that it reflects our strong skills set. Marque Media understood the aim of our product which, up until that point, had been a proverbial ‘problem child’. The team instantly ‘got it’ and reshaped our strategy. We now have a clearly defined path to market and we are fast approaching launch with gusto and rekindled enthusiasm".

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